I am called Kenny — I respond to it. I am twenty-four years old.

My blog is an aggregation of unique ideas. The ideas I express are not always politically correct, morally right, or truly honest, but that is not my goal. This blog is meant to connect one another’s brain stems and titillate your mind. To simplify my intentions let me just say: I want to make you laugh while thinking. Much of this is essentially my material for when I get the nerve to do stand up comedy. So, if you like dry-sarcastic humor, then this blog will be right up your alley, drive-way, hallway, sidewalk, etc. So read, like, comment. Most of all, enjoy. =)

  1. Your posts are always entertaining and I very much enjoy them! That’s why I’ve decided to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger award! I’ve written a post on my blog about the award, so if you get a chance, stop on by! 🙂

  2. You got style man. Love your posts. The humor does a wonderful job getting me to start reading and finishing your articles.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to following you!

  4. I am looking forward to following your blog. Dry, sarcastic humor is definitely my choice of weapon, so I am thrilled to have found your site. 🙂

    • Awesome raccoon. Yeah, I just picked another rodent. It doesn’t have to rhyme. Anyhow, thanks for stopping in and checking out my blog. I am glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully you continue to do so. Don’t be a stranger. =)

      • Haha, why sure thing. I am glad I enjoyed it as well and no worries; I am sure I will continue to do so. There will be no stranger lifestyle commensing on my behalf, so I do hope you do the same. Or not do the same. Whichever way that works. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the follow 🙂

  6. Hello Kenny.
    Very much enjoyed my visit 🙂

  7. Hey! Umm… I nominated you for an award. Check it out here.

  8. Your blog has been nominated for the Super Sweet Award. Please go to: http://wp.me/p24Y2y-52 .

    If you’ve already received this award or don’t accept awards, there’s no need to do anything further. I just wanted you to know that I find your blog very enjoyable.

  9. You had me at “dry-sarcastic”. Looking forward to checking things out!

  10. I was interested when I read your “ideas are not always politically correct” & became a fan when you said sarcastic. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing! Thank you for stopping by (and following) my little blog 😉

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