What Say You?

I created this blog to become famous.

I have been blogging for a year and a half.

I’m not famous…Yet.Not Famous

I’m like Zach Stone. Well, not entirely. I’m not famous, but I’m not canceled. Meaning I have not eighty-sixed my aspiration. I have instead taken to WordPress to ask for some advice.


  • Should I create a Facebook page for my blog?

I have analyzed the layout of several different blogs. Some have chosen to adopt the sociality offered by a Blog Facebook page. Others have crossed the desert plain and pick up their viewers mano a mano. I’ve done a mixture of both. I post my blogs on my personal Facebook and I frequent other blogs to spread the Good Will-you come and check out my blog. That way, it is the, “I scratch your back, you give me a foot massage,” ordeal. So far I have come across very few foot massagers. I tell them to not mind the calluses on the heel; that it adds character, but to no avail. I suppose I am curious as to how illustriously a Blog Facebook page contributes to the traffic of a blog?


  • Does Stumbleupon draw a crowd?

This is not a new tactic for me. I have posted my blogs on Stumbleupon to help speed the traffic of my blog. Last year, it worked well. In every circumstance, I was gaining fifteen to twenty more views from Stumbleupon. I think they are on to my self-promotion though. Since 2013, I have probably had anywhere from fifteen to twenty views from Stumbleupon altogether. I know these Stumbleupon views do not bestow a consistent fan base, but they look oh-so-pretty on the bar chart. Just ask the ladies, or men. Do they want a 10-15 view length bar? Or do they way a 100-200 view length bar? Cosmetics are important in the world of blogging. I am curious as to what other people’s strategy is for approaching Stumbleupon. Have you found it worth your while or has it wiled away your worth?

  • Should I change my blog name?

The name Titillating Thoughts has done me well during my blogging lifespan, but perhaps it’s time to give it a stronger pulse. I want my blogs pulse to relate to, “I’m overweight and I just ran twenty minutes, I may die right now.” That’s a powerful, erratic pulse. The methods in which to achieve this would be to come up an easily searchable, catchy name that relates to my posts. My honest thoughts on this are:

  1. Hilarity Ensues OR The Ensuing Hilarity OR Am I Funny Yet?
  2. The Funny Pseudologist OR A Silly Pseudologist OR The Honest Pseudologist
  3. The Face of Facetious OR The Face in FacetiousModel

Those are some of my top contenders at this point in time. I am unsure if it is possible to keep this blog, but change the name, but if so, those are some possibilities. What say you?

  • Is buying a domain name worth it?

Is it…Is it really?


About Titillating Thoughts

I am called Kenny. I respond to it. I am twenty-three years of age. This blog will represent my unique way of looking at life. It is to be a collection of thoughts that titillate your brain flaps. I am not always politically correct, but it all comes from a comedic nature. I hope you enjoy my dry and sarcastic humor.

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  1. Seriously, before I continue reading this “piece” I must interject, foot massages K? Where they at?

  2. Okay, read it. I’m not into social networking so I’m not useful in the answers part of this post. I can offer a good foot massage though? No, really, I think the name change could be good. Although having TIT…illating thoughts is probably attracting a strong male presence around these parts initially.

    • I do not think you need to be. Your avatar picture alone probably pulls in a steady viewership…If you know what I mean. Ha.

      Foot massage, from the great Adele? Next summer, I may be heading out to the UK. I’ll definitely hold you to this.

      Surprisingly, I don’t think think the TIT in titillating thoughts has coerced the male population as strongly as one may have initially thought. What name change was your favorite?

      • You *think* it hasn’t but I’m pretty confident that it’s the reason that Mooselicker is here… It’s almost 1am, my brain was getting real mangled trying to decipher which of those names I liked the best. You gave me too many options. I realise that I’m being really useless, all the while polluting your page with words but that’s what I do.

      • Mooselicker Tim? He has no destination. He just punches buttons and hopes some magic happens.

        And thanks for the helpful advice…Pshh. You are a pollution, but you can stick around. It’s not easy being green.

      • “Am I funny yet?” is ironically humourous or “The Face in Facetious” is smart. Okay see, I narrowed it down. I’m such a good friend. MASSY (translation:massage) TIME.

      • It’s a question of being witty over blunt. Two good choices. Hm…

        You travel the 9823842348340 miles, and you got it.

  3. Actually, I think you should change your name to man-dog. The amount of views that I get from once referring to a man-dog in one of my earlier posts is amazing and scary, mostly the latter.

  4. Don’t worry, I’m including myself in the “creepy” heading. I currently have a picture of a bacon man saved to my desktop – that’s the kind of person you’re dealing with here, bacon men and man dogs.

  5. Do you really want to be famous for being a blogger though? Actually, that sounds easy and not that bad. I think it takes one already famous person to make new people famous. Some bloggers get a lot more views/comments/other things than I ever will and they’re not famous either. I just signed up for this yesterday and I’ve submitted a few things. You should give it a go too.


    $10 an article plus royalties??? Ummm thank you but I can’t pass that up. Soup for dinner scares me.

    • Ha. I’m not sure if I want to be “famous,” but I want my content to reach more viewers. Which correlates with fame.

      I’ll check into this voices site. Have you earned your first $10 yet?

      • Not yet. I only signed up yesterday and it takes a week or two for the review process and then blah blah no. Probably never.

        Plug your blog on every website you can think of. Forums can add lots of hits in a subtle way.

  6. I have no fame to share but here are my thoughts…

    FB just gives people another way to follow. I don’t think I’ve picked up any large readership via my page but I had a couple of requests for it from peeps who live on FB so I did it. Now I like it because it keeps my blog posts off my personal FB page. I don’t want to alienate any friends who don’t care about my blog.

    SU has given my nada. I think the only hits off that are when it registers me liking my own page. That just seems so sad to me!

    Twitter is slowing growing for me. I think your brand of pithy humour would do well on Twitter. Do some quick quips in addition to the posts.

    Everything says to visit and comment on other sites so I’ve been going that route a lot. It’s good because I find sites like yours! And sometimes people pay back the visit – like you. There are many more who don’t.

    I pay so I’m just escapingelegance.com and I like it. I don’t know if it helps with followers, but for me it is an easier website to share and seems more like mine.

    As for a name change… I guess if you only have this site, it’s not to onerous. It would be a different story if you were on FB and Twitter, etc…

    I like The Face in Facetious.

    I totally get the “fame” thing. Writers write because we want to be read. My stats page has made me it’s bitch. Sigh…

    • Well, since I have yet to be asked to start a Facebook page, I will consider to think that one through. I have been looking at Twitter. I have a private account that I post to, but it’s locked, and I’m not gaining any further followers or anything, so maybe that is the direction I will expand further towards.

      I’m surprised you never got anything from Stumbleupon. As I mentioned in the post, it use to give decent results. Now I get one view per post. It sucks.

      All the sites I have read have said the same too. Visit, comment, hope for the best. That seems to be the best way to establish a core crew.

      Yeah, now would be the time to change names if I was going to go that route. That way if I do decide to create a Twitter, Facebook, or other social media outlet, I won’t have to restart it.

      The only downer that I have heard, is when you pay for your domain, you cannot receive the Freshly Pressed honors. Not that my style would get picked up on it, but yours might have.

      Right now, as far as names go, I am leaning towards The Face in Facetious too. Still, not the most searchable title, but its wittier.

      The stat page will begin to own you. Like you said, we all want our writing to be read and the view page tells of our progress. Whether or not those views are actually people who READ the post is a whole other thing.

      • I don’t think that is true about Freshly Pressed… I’m sure most of the sites I’ve found through that have just been .com rather than wordpress.com… where did you hear that?

        I also don’t think it’s true that your style wouldn’t get picked. You’re funny – that’s enough! My style is bitching about my kids ‘n stuff. That ain’t fresh in anyway.

        As for the view page – as long as not every view is my parents, I’m happy!

      • It may not be. I’m basing my judgment off one comment. In all fairness, the person seemed legit. It seemed suspicious to me too. I’d have to look further into it. Actually, I never really read Freshly Pressed posts. I just see the badge on people’s blogs.

        But mom humor is big. My humor tends to be too dirty. Too many innuendos to be posted on Freshly Pressed.

        Ha. A view is a view.

  7. I’m a little distracted by your mention of ‘eighty-six’ as it completely reminds me of all those years I sucked as a waitress. I started a page on FB, but I haven’t kept it up since 4 out of 5 followers were my FB friends anyways and had to see duplicate posts…which annoyed me. I joined Twitter, which is fun. I just had to stop streaming my Twitter posts to FB and vice versa. Twitter folk don’t take kindly to FB..and relatives don’t need to see each and every tweet. I considered a name change to throw the word ‘mom’ in, but nah. Good luck on the decision. I see what your getting at with ‘Am I Funny Yet’, could be your tag line. I’m sure I’ll Google facetitious now and blame my ignorance on my 4 kids.

    • I’m sure you carried that bacon cheeseburger and fries with pride.

      Apparently Twitter is where it is at for the blog verse. Easy access and you can reach a wider audience.

      Yeah, I have been working on a new banner for the new name. I am leaning towards Face of Facetious. It is basically another word for sarcasm.

  8. Keep on and don’t give up!

  9. I don’t have much to say in the topic since I don’t really have much of it anyway. Some of that’s because I haven’t really taken up measures towards that route. I don’t have a facebook page, my stumbleupon exists because I like the stuff I see there, and my twitter exists only out of curiosity. Maybe someday I’ll do it when I already have a “product” I could be proud of, like say, a book? I just don’t feel I have anything deserving that fame…yet.

    I think it’d be cool to change your name to TFiF. It has a nice ring to it. Funny, too. 😉

    • It’s not like my content is fame worthy either. Ha. I guess I am just looking for ways to increase my viewership. There will never be a book on my blog. It just wouldn’t be fitting. Plus my concept is very raw and undeveloped.

      Once again Twitter. I’m kind of with you on this one. Mine was once used frequently as a personal account, but that before it became this monster social network.

      TFiF…I already checked the domain name, and TFIF.com is taken. ::sighs:: But I could figure something else out if I went that route too.

  10. Skeptical Stringer

    Are you a fan of Tucker max by any chance? One of the blog names you were considering reminded me of him. I have a FB page but I think that unless you have a large following, you shouldn’t go that route..yet. I only have close friends that are on my FB page and I have no idea how to make it grow because no one really knows me as a “writer”…yet. so that’s my two cents.

  11. I don’t even understand stumble upon – can you explain tumblr to me, too?!! If you are serious about your quest, invest in the domain name. It’s cheap and SEO will recognize you easier. If all else fails, reach out to my blog mentor, Paul Johnson of the Good Greatsby http://thegoodgreatsby.com/dear-good-greatsby/ – he is hysterically funny and famous in my book and I’m sure he can help you out 🙂

    • Tumblr was where I first began my blogging (Well, that is beside Myspace). I thought it was a blogging place, apparently it is not. Most people just post pictures and gifs. I was disappointed with Tumblr. When I decided to jump back into blogging, I looked and found WordPress.

      I’m thinking I will buy a domain name. I just need to decide on if I will keep my blog name or not first. lol I’ll check into Paul Johnson. Thanks.

  12. I like the names Hilarity Ensues, Am I Funny Yet & The Honest Pseudologist.

    Buying a domain may be worth it if your scheduled blogger which you seem to be more consistent than most & I enjoy your humor – A lot more people may be exposed if you choose to do so.

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