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Books. Only a letter away from having my complete interest…You know, ’cause I love to cook and all. Ahem. Ahem. Still, I stand not at ease with books, but at attention. I love a finely worded sentence that when woven together with one thousand six hundred and ninety-one others, placed on a delicate roll of parchment, and professionally bound, construct a book. Books provide me with a mind-bind fond-bond experience! Once upon a time I thought about becoming a librarian. (Sidenote: Are you aware that all librarians have master degrees? I was completely unaware of the educational prowess it took to become a librarian. It turns out that you do not just need a pair of glasses.) Instead I settled upon a career in teaching. Just the same, fortune and fame are not in my future. Only an ample amount of free time awaits me. Such is the horrible trade-off (>.>). But with that time I can read these books that I have so fervently excreted over. Ever hear of the white album? Yeah…

I enter into sporadic spurts when involved in books. There will be months on end that I only read for necessity, and not out of the necessity of pleasure. Then, out of the fog (because the blue is limited in my realm), I will immerse myself in word soaked paper and read. I have been tracking my progress with; a site I suggest you join and friend me, even if we are not actually friends and it is just a mutual agreement to criticize one another’s atrocious reading selections. Well, your atrocious reading selections, unless of course you are reading what I am. Then it is okay. Straight up. Word. Speaking of such, I do not care for the phrase: “The book is too wordy.” It is a book. It consists of nothing but words. And I know what they mean, but before we fix the book, let’s fix their vocabulary. Too wordy? Gah! I digress…

Now that I have expressed my interest in books and have established the amount of time I have to read such wonders; I need to find them. This is where I stand at another ill-slated front. Do I buy, borrow, or steal? I want to start defining my book collection, but I do not want to forfeit appropriate currency to build it. I have found myself wavering on a borrow/buy concept. First I will borrow the book from el biblioteca (library). I like borrowing from the library; the books have character. They are soiled and worn. Just imagine all the fecal matter that has been disposed of in the presence of one book. That is a lot of shits. And with shits, comes innovation – ideas. Or maybe just shitty ideas. On that same topic, I often wonder which is dirtier, a pornographic magazine or a library book? That’s a good ‘ole mind tickler. Anyhow, I borrow the book, read it, and if I enjoy its contents I will splurge the three dollars at a thrift store or Amazon PRIME and purchase that book for my collection. I know, this concept leaves people dumbfounded. Why would I buy a book I have just read and have no intention of reading it again anytime soon? Good question. No equally good answer. Because my bookshelf is bare? Because I want to support the authors (who are mostly dead)? Because I want my collection of books to be a representation of myself? Science fiction and fantasy mixed in with a touch of non-fiction and historical accuracy. Not all in one book of course, but that’s not to say that it can’t be. Historically accurate fantasy. Do you believe in magic? Perhaps in a young girls heart…Or maybe I buy the book just because…I do what I want.


About Titillating Thoughts

I am called Kenny. I respond to it. I am twenty-three years of age. This blog will represent my unique way of looking at life. It is to be a collection of thoughts that titillate your brain flaps. I am not always politically correct, but it all comes from a comedic nature. I hope you enjoy my dry and sarcastic humor.

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  1. That’s a good point about books being “too wordy,” but you may change your mind if you tried reading “Fifty Shades of Gray,” (which I could only read 30 pages of because it was terrible!). I’ve never seen a writer string together so many adverbs in one sentence and then try to pass it off as worthy description. Now THAT is too wordy!


  2. I will buy a book I thoroughly enjoyed even if I do not intend on reading it again soon because really good books, the important ones, change us. Books have the ability to alter our perspective and even morals. We have all found ourselves at one point or another loving a character in a book from the start but as the story unfolds so does his awful countenance. There are many times that characters are introduced as gritty, dark antagonists only to be redeemed later on, ending their saga in a glorious culmination of restitution and success. I buy books so that I can remember and relive the journey I was taken on by a stranger. Seeing is remembering. Also, I like to re-read my favorites sometimes. :p

    • I like your perspective. A book does change us; far more than a movie. Why not surround yourself with the books that have impacted you? As you stated, it serves as a reminder. Plus, when I try to shove a book down friends and families faces, I have a copy to lend and there is no back-out option. lol

  3. I love books. My theory is, if I see a book I want to read I will buy it. Then read it. If it isn’t any good at all, I’ll give it away to our thrift store or someplace locally. If it is decent, I will keep it. My collection is filled with US Military books, history books, Stephen King books, and Mary Higgins Clark. I know, it’s a variety of kinds of books.. But I love them all!

  4. awordsmithslife

    This is good stuff lol. I too do love the library. Gotta appreciate the ability to borrow and return those shitty books.

  5. Quick question. I’m on Goodreads already….so, how do I friend you? There’s something like 8 billions Kenny’s on there.

  6. If you’re like me you buy the books you just read and loved so that one day when you do want to read it again you don’t have to remember the damn title or author. You can just be like Bam! Blue cover with wolves on it! (or other such colors and subjects).

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