Last Flicker

There are those who say “I’ll see you later” and not “goodbye.” That option is not felicitously available to all. Sometimes a goodbye is all there is; there is no impasse.

I know. I had to say goodbye to someone whom I wish I did not.

Like a candle, I could tell the wick of this tale was flickering to extinction. I tried to isolate it from external conditions, but it was this tale’s denouement. A tale steered by a series of choices. These choices permeated through the seams of a relationship until an impassible blockade was erected and the entirety of the situation dwindled to a singular stipulation. Are we to continue or not?

The answer was no.

I cannot logically attest the response, but the crux of my being can. Will it though? Silently perhaps, but verbally and assiduously, no.

I am lugubrious. Yet, it all may have been for the best. Unfortunately, not all the best things in life are free. This came at a cost.

Instead of focusing on what was lost, I wish to take this opportunity to reflect, cherish, and thank my friend for that which unfolded. I thank my friend for the conversations and the mental prosperity that was shed. I thank my friend for the memorable occasions that were shared. And I thank my friend for understanding me. Maybe one day the barrier will crumble and our friendship will flourish again.

If this person reads this, know that I will miss you.

Forever golden, and never chrome.


About Titillating Thoughts

I am called Kenny. I respond to it. I am twenty-three years of age. This blog will represent my unique way of looking at life. It is to be a collection of thoughts that titillate your brain flaps. I am not always politically correct, but it all comes from a comedic nature. I hope you enjoy my dry and sarcastic humor.

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  1. I am sorry you had to part with your friend, but it’s not really over – not while you both are still alive. Something tells me you’ll get your friend back. Maybe months will pass, maybe years… and maybe your relationship with each other will be different from what it used to be… But even if you’ll never reconnect, you are right to just savor the memories of what had been already shared… Good for you!

  2. I did not expect something so sad.

    Hang in there! Life has a lots of rocky moments. Lots of decisions to be made. Many are soon full of regret. You always have to remember to learn something important from every bad situation. Chin up and do what ya gotta do.

  3. Hard to say goodbye. But it ain’t over ’till it’s over, and life is long.

  4. “Forever golden, and never chrome.” – I like that !!

    The fact that we sometimes don’t want to say good-bye & just leave the situation with an “until we meet again” or “see you later” I think is a way to stay positive & hopeful lol.

    I like the way you took the situation & made it into a positive. The unfolding of all the advantages was pretty cool, nice post!


  5. “This too shall pass” – Quote always helps me. Hang in there.

  6. Why, what a lovely photo you have there… And I miss you too 🙂

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