Renting An Experience

It saddens me to think that my child will never share certain experiences that have a treasured place in the pit of my heart. What I am referring to is the experience that is: renting a movie.

Yes, I understand there are still Blockbusters now, but the ambiance has been mitigated to substandard event. I would much rather entertain the thought of visiting a local box of red or my handy dandy Netflix. Still, if I were to try and provide them with a humdrum Blockbuster memory, I would need to find a woman willing and able to release my offspring.

I may be getting ahead of myself…What if I am the only one who felt this way about the movie renting experience?

I remember it clearly.

It was like walking into a wonderland. Shelves upon shelves of entertainment were within my reach. Every conceivable cartoon was placed in a 7.5×4.2×1 inch VHS container of magic. I knew just where my section was too. I would run to it and rummage through the various films. What did I want to watch today? Little Nemo, Ninja Turtles, Mario Bros, The Brave Little Toaster? Yeah, I had seen all of them before, but I liked them. I’d flip over the demo box that was displayed for every movie scratching at its Styrofoam innards as I gazed upon the pictures trying to draw a conclusion as to what the film was about.

Once I had made my decision I would snatch the actual copy of the film and run off to the games section. These were the days of cheap game rentals and tons of games. I remember Sega having a game for almost every movie ever made. I also remember finding out that games based on movies sucked. One of my favorite rentals as a child was a game for my Sega Genesis called ToeJam & Earl. If I were feeling lucky I would try to convince my parents to allow me one movie and one game.

Regardless of my success rate, I was still excited as we lined up to purchase our rentals. Candy and soda pop lined the shelving near the counter. There were Milk Duds, Butterfingers, Dots, Sno-Caps (I never cared for Sno-Caps, but they have been heavily associated with my video rental expeditions), and more. I never did buy candy from Blockbuster, but it served as a reminder that I was about to take part in a cinematic adventure. Yes, those were the times…

All of that has disappeared now. VHS tapes are a thing of the past. Who still uses them? Nobody. Well, there are those ancient teachers who have adopted the No Technology Left Behind Act.

I am not here to hate on VHS tapes. Actually it is quite the opposite. I miss having that ability to skip over anything I did not want to watch. That’s right DVDs, I’m calling you out on this. I do not want to read your copyright infringement laws that are put in size six font and placed on the screen for approximately seven seconds. We are Americans, we don’t read the small print. And for all its shortcomings, VHS tapes understood that. Yes, you may have had to spend six minutes rewinding the film to reach that part, but the being able to fast forward through the seven to ten seconds of warnings was worth it.

No closure.


About Titillating Thoughts

I am called Kenny. I respond to it. I am twenty-three years of age. This blog will represent my unique way of looking at life. It is to be a collection of thoughts that titillate your brain flaps. I am not always politically correct, but it all comes from a comedic nature. I hope you enjoy my dry and sarcastic humor.

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  1. I forgot about The Brave Little Toaster. What a great movie.

  2. Someone really loves VHS

  3. You forgot to mention Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! I had to develop my childhood crush on Keanu Reeves somewhere, right? I too loved those movies and the experience. So sad that kids today don’t know what they’re missing.

  4. Ahh, the memories. *chuckles*

  5. I am glad you have such wonderful fond memories of Blockbuster or whatever place you rented movies from. I, on the other hand, only remember accidentally tripping the emergency exit door alarm at Blockbuster and staring up at my bawling red face in those ceiling mirrors they used to keep an eye on people who may try to steal. I still to this day watch out what doors I am touching.

  6. I miss this experience too. Friday night in my house was movie and pizza night. Now Friday nights I sit alone in the dark dreading a lonely weekend followed by a lonely week. It’s all Netflix’s fault. They are responsible for the tears I shed.

  7. lmao – priceless

    “I would need to find a woman willing and able to release my offspring.”

  8. Uncanny. I was having this conversation with someone else only today. Blockbuster – and blockbuster-alikes- got me through the latter part of the 20th century….

  9. Hey dude, I’ve nominated you for some blogging awards. See the post here Take what you like, you deserve it.

  10. Oh yes! And three days into the possession of the rental suddenly remembering it was an overnighter, not a weekly!

  11. Oh wow! I loved The Brave Little Toaster! I was reading that, nodding along with everything you were saying and going ‘Yep, yep, I remember that!’ until you got to the sweets! That’s where we differ, you’ll have to just picture a brown hair Irish child wandering a similar path round the video shop (in an Xtra-vision more so than a Blockbusters but we have that here too) renting the same movies but then seeing completely different sweets. Cadbury’s chocolate, Buttons, popcorn, minstrels, M&Ms…too expensive to buy though!
    I miss VHS. I remember you used to get fined if you brought back the tape and had forgotten to rewind the film. 🙂 My most vivid memory is renting the Star Wars films on tape and watching it with the family on a Saturday…good times…thanks for taking me back with your post!!

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