In the Poem of My Hand

Writing is a tool of expression. I can write whatever comes to mind and it is easy. That is how I use to approach poems. That is the way of the past. For me, writing a poem is difficult. I want the structure and elegance that I see portrayed in the various poems I read, and yet, it takes more from me to achieve that then it does with writing. A blog may take an hour to write and edit. With a poem I continuously debate its progression. The final production could come a week or two later.

So, I tested myself. I placed ten minutes on the clock and challenged myself to write a poem. I had no subject matter in mind. Whatever happened happened. Here is the result:

To me poems are like the blues. They are meant to be demonstrations of anguish. It is easier to express pain and agony in a poem. Blissful poems are difficult for me to write for this reason. So judge as you may, think what you will, and do what you do. This is my ten minute poem.

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  1. I can’t rhyme to save my soul. U_U

  2. But this is great! Though I can feel there’s more to this. 😉 I’m not at ease with poems myself, but when I have the necessary “feeling” I can actually create one I’d like enough to put out somewhere.

  3. “Writing is a tool of expression. I can write whatever comes to mind and it is easy.” – The same goes for me, yet poems come quite easy to me also. When I was younger it literally flowed through my veins, poetry. I loved it, it was my form of expression & then it progressed and matured into writing almost anything. I like to think of myself as a creative writer.

    && may I say that for a ten minute poem, I loved it. Through the newsfeed preview I thought it was an image you grabbed from offline. But you composed this yourself, awesome!

    • Yeah. I was quite impressed for it being a 10 minute poem. Surprised myself.

      I guess once I gained a passion for writing, poetry fell by the wayside and I did not practice it. Keep yours going, don’t lose it. It’s a valuable skill.

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