Going to the Beach Where I Belong

I grew up in Monterey County. That’s right, I’m reppin’ the first true capital of California.  The United States had to FreMonterey from them Mexicans and Polk our flag into the soil. They had Armstronged them, I mean, strong armed them into defeat. By 1848 the United States Hidalgoed the Guadalupe out of the Mexicans in what became known as the Mexican-American War. By September 9, 1850, California became the thirty-first state. It was as good as gold. Upon entrance into the Union, Monterey lost its capital title, but it has not lost what it is most famous for: its enchanting oceanic landscape.

Although I spent the majority of my life in Monterey County surrounded with beach front property, it was not until I vacated the area that I began actively participating in the festivities of the beach. Now, when I go back to visit family and friends I will go to the beach. The funny part is that the beach I frequent is not in the Monterey County area; it is a two hour trip south to a little beach town called Avila.

You may be asking yourself: “Why travel two hours when famous beaches are within shooting distance?” (A little joke for us Salinasians)

I want the adventure.

A trip to Avila is a day long trip. There is a core group of three that go, but tagalongs come occasionally (And no, not those delicious Girl Scout cookies). The trip usually follows a certain itinerary. Allow me to break it down for you ‘fella.

  1.  Time of Arrival and Departure. The decision to attend Avila is a spontaneous action. It is never planned out one week in advance; more like the night before. Once everyone has agreed to attend the extravaganza, we establish a departure time. Everyone usually agrees on waking up at 8 am and being on the road by 9 am. This is code for waking up at 9:45 am and being on the road by 10 am. We are not morning people.
  1.  Once on the road, certain forms of entertainment are established. This is where I have identified that there are two varieties of automotive travelers.

A)     Chatters

B)      Musical listeners.

These two do not belong together. If they are forced to ride together, they will have to compromise, but the pleasantries in the process are anything but pleasant.  It is like a woman’s legs after the second day of not shaving; things can get a bit bumpy. And unless you are blind or read braille, the added texture is unwanted.

Everyone who attends Avila is a musical listener. So it is a mute issue for us. I dock my fat iPod and we blast some jams. Two hours of extreme musical variation and our attempt to mimic the vocal intensity displayed in the recorded session. It is awesome.

  1. Arrive at Avila. We do not sit on the beach, we boogie board. And we do it in wet suits. We look smooth as we walk out on the beach. Our slick wet suits clinging to our form, a boogie board held at our sides and a blue steel look gazed upon the waves. This is a close up shot. If you widen the lens, there little kids who are in the water boogie boarding without wet suits, chiseled guys playing Frisbee on the beach, and sexy girls who are not giving us a second look. Okay, so we do not look that smooth.

There are good days and bad days at Avila. There are days where it is wave on wave. Some get eaten by the waves and others catch a beast and ride it in. There are also days where Jesus walking on water does not seem farfetched. The water is so still that I have thoughts of grandeur in attempting the same feat.

  1. We boot scoot and boogie for about four hours and then head back home. A long exhausting day at this point. Usually we stop for food at In-N-Out. Our eyes, now heavy shades of red from the salt water, and our appetites at maximum potential for lack of food. I am sure it is difficult to tell if we are gone on ganja or just tired from a day at the beach. After we consume our food we finish the drive back to Monterey County. One of us always takes a nap, and naps that whole way back. I usually drive. That means napping for me would not prove to be beneficial for anyone.

On the way back, I often forget to fuel up. My low fuel light pops on in the middle of nowhere. We end up stopping in a little weird town called San Ardo. It’s no good.

Another hour from San Ardo and we are back home. The trip home consists of more conversation. The excitement has worn down. We try to make plans for the night, but by the time we are back rest is the best option.

That is a basic trip to Avila. A day trip of fun in the sun. I did not delve into on the topics we discuss or even the miniscule things that happen along the way, but they all accumulate into a fantastic experience. If you are looking for that information and more, let me know…Maybe you can join us next time.


About Titillating Thoughts

I am called Kenny. I respond to it. I am twenty-three years of age. This blog will represent my unique way of looking at life. It is to be a collection of thoughts that titillate your brain flaps. I am not always politically correct, but it all comes from a comedic nature. I hope you enjoy my dry and sarcastic humor.

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  1. I would travel 2 hrs for a view like that. A lil day trip like that sounds like something I would do. Sometimes spur of the moment unplanned events are the best trips!

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