It’s Business Time!

Here I am, sitting in a small study cubicle on the campus of a school I no longer attend. This is what happens when I have no internet.

I still have research to do, so I inhabit the campus. I am a busy man. I have a lot of big deals cookin’. Actually, I do not have many big deals. I have been graduated for four months now. I have only been actively searching for better career prospects for the past two. The search has supplied me with some nibbles, but no solid bites. The job market is a treacherous one. There are just too many fish in the sea. If I am not the quickest and the largest fish to the hook, I am not getting the bait. I figure as long as I keep swimming and growing I will preserver.

In order to nab a career job one has to dress for success. As Barney Stinson would exclaim, “Suit up!” If one does not have a suit (I don’t), then dress in nice business apparel. This I can do. I have my dress shoes, black socks, black slacks, blue buttoned shirt, and a tie.

First off. About that tie…It just needs to be around my neck, right? It doesn’t need to look good? Cause let me tell you, for something called a tie, it does not do so easily. I was in the Boy Scouts for awhile when I was young. I learned how to tie a variety of knots, but they did not teach me how to tie a tie. I can tie 99 knots, but a half Windsor aint one. I equate tying a tie with doing a five-star magic trick. Only magicians are able to perform such feats. I found an app that would teach me how to tie a tie. It only taught me that I was capable of being further confused. I might go tie-less for my interview tomorrow. Judging by how my first attempt went (on your left, my left too) it might be beneficial to my cause. Of course, there are clip-ons, but I am a MAN. I should be able to tie a tie.

Secondly, I believe that we should be able to wear any type of shoe. Shoes add personality to the get-up. If I want to wear some clean Nikes to an interview and drop some swag on the meeting, I should be able to. At my current place of employment, we are restricted in our shoe choices. They have to be black. Personally, I think colored shoes make people appear more jubilant. Not that it matters now. I no longer have white shoes, so I no longer need an excuse. Still, let people choose their shoes without judgment. If someone is dressed in a suit with a pair of running shoes on, I say hire him. Not only is he business style-savvy, but he is all about multi-tasking and getting the job done in a speedy fashion.

What I am trying to say is that I am going to do things my way. When tomorrow comes, you better know that I will do what I want…::cough:: Which means I will be wearing a tie and black dress shoes.

(Ha. I bet you thought I caved to the societal business structure didn’t you? Wrong. What I forgot to mention is that is all I will be wearing. Birthday Suit Up!)


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  1. If you get too old and still don’t have the Internet like in my case, I find going to hotels and sitting in the lobby is a good steal. Nobody really bothers you. Make sure you go at different hours. I think they started to get suspicious of me after I’d only come in then leave and they never saw me ask for more towels.

    I’ve never worn a tie in my life. I was put into a Colombian necktie once in a bath tub and it was hinted that I might be cut up with a chainsaw, but a nosey neighbor intervened.

  2. Good Luck on the interview, and really it’s up to the person who’s sitting across from you during that interview that counts. You could be wearing a dress suit, leisure suit, no suit, birthday suit, or a freaking Jason mask. As long as you impress and show you’re the best canidate to do the job the best, should be no problem.
    Once again, best of luck.

  3. I agree, companies should allow us to be business style savvy. I guess that only comes after you have landed the job in some places when they arent as strict. Thankfully enough I am able to express a taste of my FASHION at work!

  4. Coincidentally, I also have an interview tomorrow, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us! (Not literally though, the interviewer might find that a little strange 😛 )

  5. This is why I like being Mormon. After my baptism, the inherit ability to tie a tie came to the fore front of my mind. This may or may not be true, but the single Windsor isn’t too bad. Many people try to talk me into a full Windsor, but I can’t go for that, no can do. I also like that I can still pick up on Jay-Z references, and even still use them as well. Wonderful, and good luck.

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