Exploration of Space

My living quarters have recently undergone a drastic change. Two roommates have vacated the premises. One left voluntarily; the other did not.

What this means is…

A house where common area was uncommon; where the kitchen was the only piece of unclaimed territory; and where the man behind the curtain was NOT the wizard, is no longer. It is like our house just gave birth to a 16×16 foot room. It is like I have taken over Asia in a game of Risk. It is like every time I open the front door I go zero gravity; that is how much space we have. Houston, we do have a problem though. With the living room vacant; the question now is: what to do with the space? Here are some thoughts.

1) Make it a fitness room. We have a stationary bike and dumbbells. If we could procure a weight-lifting bench we would have a nice mini-gym. I could even lay down a mat and work on my yoga positions. Instead of Half Lord of the Fishes, I could be the complete Lord of the Fishes! If the fish disobey me I will just go all Eagle pose and swoop down with my fierce talons…‘Cause I’m an eagle. (I have never actually done yoga. I gravitate more towards yoda. There is a lot less movement in that program. In fact, we just sit there and backwards sentences we say.)

2) Make it a game room. This is going to require someone who is willing to sacrifice their entertainment center for the betterment of the house. They would have to part with their gadgets and gizmos aplenty, there whosits and whatsits galore, and even their thingamabob, but that’s okay they have twenty…Since that someone would most likely be me, I think it is safe to scratch this idea from the list.

3) Make it a normal living room. This is always an option. We could make it a nice cozy living room. Place a couch there, a chair here, and a coffee table over there. We could all sit around like The View and discuss uninteresting topics in macaronic languages.

4) Make it a rave room. All we would have to do soundproof the house, paint the walls, install laser lighting, and wire a beat dropping stereo. The rest of the house would stay the same. The bathroom needs no work. Whoever previously lived in this house was already tripping and used some crazy shiny metallic and black wallpaper. I think this idea has potential. I could invite over some epileptic friends and we could have a spazz-off. Spazz-Off Thursday anyone?

Keep in mind we are not a well-to-do household. Any creation that does manifest is going to be a shotty version. Or maybe the desired look. Or at least that is what we will claim. In any case, it will be interesting to watch the progression from empty to not. What do you think we should do?


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  1. My write-in vote is for sex chamber. All those in favor?

  2. First of all, I love that you quoted Ariel from the Little Mermaid; the addition of Disney makes any post magical. Secondly, I would opt for the “normal living room” idea, but maybe throw in a half-decent tv with the couches and coffee table. It can be a place to eat, drink and be merry while watching sports or movies or whatever you’re into with your buds. You can even set up a karaoke machine there 😉

  3. Turn it into a room that you can do anything in: game, work out, relax, read or sleep.

  4. Like the sex chamber idea but ideally that should be in a stone walled cellar (my imagined one anyway!)
    An indoor miniature golf course- AstroTurf, little windmills, house, etc

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