Do you kar if I aoke?

It is not an unknown fact that I like to karaoke. Well, it may be for those of you who just obtained this knowledge. Let me try this again…

It is not an unknown fact that I like to karaoke. (There we go, now the statement stands true.) I love to sing, and for those who love to sing, karaoke is the thing to do. My karaoke experience is contained. I mostly sing karaoke in the privacy of my own home. I have built up quite a collection of CD’s and I find it pleasurable to sing with just my family and friends. I can sing karaoke as many times as I want and I can have a blasty-blast doing it with the people I love.


There is something about performing in front of an audience that shivers me timbers. I love the anxiety and the rush I feel before taking the microphone. I love my moment of fame that comes shortly after the last note has faded and the crowd breaks into applause. I love to feel like a superstar, if only briefly, and karaoke bars offers that.

Karaoke is like a gateway drug. I now understand why everyone wants to audition for American Idol or The Voice. It is to replicate that feeling. They need their fix. They need that spotlight. They know they have no chance of winning, but they will take their ten seconds of fame.

I caught that addiction. I had contemplated on auditioning for The Voice. I know I do not have the chops to win (or make it past the first round), but I kind of just want the experience. I doubt I will ever act on the thought. I will probably just stick with karaoke bars, and I am okay with that, but I get it now.

Also, I would like to mention to those who like to sing and have never been out to a karaoke bar. Go! You can go with a group or go by yourself. I have done both and had a good time with each. Sing a little country, rock, hip-hop, heavy metal bluegrass (Yeah…Fantastical). If you do not want to sing, that is fine. Get your feet wet first. Set a goal for next time. Pick a song and work up the courage. You will be hooked after you sing once.

(My goal: I am currently seeking out more indie rock karaoke. I do not have the vocals to pull off many of the songs in that genre, but it would help to impress someone. Okay, so I might not impress, but nevertheless I WILL make an impression (good or bad) and I WILL have fun doing it.)

Here is one of my karaoke attempts:


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  1. Kudos for having the courage to sing in front of an audience! You’re actually pretty good though, so you don’t have to worry about getting booed off the stage, unlike me lol. I am extremely tone-deaf and couldn’t sing well if my life depended on it. I also have stage fright so the idea of singing karaoke is a bit of a nightmare for me 😛

    • Bleh. Nonsense. You should try it. Regardless of how you do, I can almost guarantee you’ll be glad that you did it. It’s an experience that one should have AT LEAST once in their life.

      • Ha true enough. I never completely rule out trying something at least once but this one would be a real challenge for me. I think I’d need to have a few drinks in me to manage it lol

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