Theorieaster (Theory & Easter Combo)

Today is Easter. I am sure you are all aware of that. I bet if I were to scroll down the freshly pressed blogs, I would encounter a substantial amount dedicated to this very topic. There would be those who are in favor of its purpose and those who oppose it. I am not going to use this blog as a soapbox and preach to you about the significance of the day, and why or why not you should commemorate Jesus Christ. I will tell you that I am a Christian. I may not be an upstanding Christian. I may do my fair share of sinning, but in the end, I know I believe.

While the day is suppose to be about Jesus Christ and his sufferings, I want to turn my attention toward the more common theme of Easter: the Easter Bunny. Like a termite infestation, the Easter Bunny has taken over the holiday in the similar fashion of Santa and Christmas. I have not done any research on how the Easter Bunny came to be, why he is involved in the egg business, and why we eat chocolate versions of him. I do however have a theory on this matter. I originally posted this on my Myspace blog in 2006, but allow me to revamp my theory and bring it to the 2012 standard.

I believe Easter encompasses a sea of symbolism. It is the only way an Easter Bunny that carries eggs can make logical sense. For you see, the bunny represents God. He is bringing the eggs into arms reach of the people. The eggs are the trinity. The yolk is God, the whites are Jesus, and the shell is the Holy Spirit. Now, come Easter morning, the Easter Bunny (God) scatters these eggs in hopes that they are discovered. Later the children (his children) will be in search of these eggs. It is never certain that the eggs are out there, but once they uncover the eggs they are engulfed in happiness. It epitomizes the realization that Christ is real, and they have found him in their hearts. It is acceptance. The children will continue this joyous ceremonious event as they chew on the head of chocolate Easter Bunny. And if the Easter Bunny is God, and God is Jesus, than this is the lords supper (sort of).

In my attempt to decipher, I have taken a few creative liberties in order to express my theory. It is what was needed in order to rationalize the Easter Bunny fiasco. I am sure that I am not the first to conclude this, nor will I be the last. Nevertheless it is still an interesting and worthy topic for an Easter Sunday (even if this is the twentieth blog you have read about Easter).


About Titillating Thoughts

I am called Kenny. I respond to it. I am twenty-three years of age. This blog will represent my unique way of looking at life. It is to be a collection of thoughts that titillate your brain flaps. I am not always politically correct, but it all comes from a comedic nature. I hope you enjoy my dry and sarcastic humor.

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  1. The “Easter” rabbit was the original “pagan” symbol of spring, rejuvenation, re-birth, and fertility. It was adopted by the modern world as the symbol of Easter. Goos post!

    • Actually, now that you have said it. I have heard that before. I just wanted to not do any research on the matter and make my own theory, but I am pretty sure subconsciously I have retained information and added it in. Oh well. lol Happy Easter!

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