Monthly Archives: February 2011


I feel like writing. I would write manually, via paper and pen (or pencil), but that is too extensive and if I feel the need to erase or edit my expressions I do not want to have to rely on a single line through my failed attempts or an eraser that does not fully erase my previous intensions. That is what typing allows one to do. I can easily remove and edit the text that you are reading. It is quite possible I retyped that sentence twice to get the full impact that I wanted, or needed it to make. You will not know.

That is an interesting concept. When using pen and paper it is hard to fully erase an error. The error is there, whether attended or left to be discovered, it is there. In today’s society, approximately nothing is written by hand. In my case that is preferred because I have the penmanship of a fourth grader (and that fourth grader has the penmanship of a second grader), but it does do some injustice. How many times has brilliance occurred, but has been erased, deleted, because the writer felt it unnecessary? Of course there are always rough drafts, but we still miss out on those so-called “minor” backspaces. Out of the countless number of times the backspace button has been pressed, how many times it delete something superior to what followed? In the words of Mr. Owl, the world may never know.

There is something to this idea. Not all those deletions can be considered minor. Somewhere along the line someone had to have had a moment of clarity and created an idea that may have been ingenious. One man’s backspaced sentence is another man’s thesis on life. I am not going to go as far as to say this has occurred, but I concur that it is an idea, a concept. This was all typed, but it was not backspaced.